Behind the Scenes

Consider this - your piano teacher is probably among the best educated person, that you ever met.  What other field of endeavor starts when the person is a child?  Ever considered it?  I had my first piano exam when I was 9 years old!  So not only does your piano teacher have many years studying as a child, but then as they get older, they start getting involved in accompanying, and then have music in college, and continue to learn to teach as well as hone their musical skills as they get older.  A good teacher is not only teaching, but always learning as well, honing their skills, taking master classes.  They are able to play professionally. This all takes time.  Don't just look at rates when looking for a teacher.  Does the child or you, click with the teacher?  Is it someone you want to spend time with?  Is it someone you can really learn from? Is it someone who is excited about what they are doing?  Are they certified?

So thank your music teacher for helping you to become the best you can be,.

Each big event such as Sonatina Festival, Music in Action is planned often by many people. It takes a teacher's time to be involved with their local Music Teachers Association and donate time that goes into the eduction of your student. Time for planning, meetings, and collecting monies from students to support those events, planning the event, the venue, awards, etc. Due to the Snohomish County Music Teachers Association being known as one of the most active chapters in Washington State, as well as my own recitals, and the Royal Conservatory Examinations, I have about 14 events to offer students every year.