Music Composition

I really had fun the other day.  A student who has only had a couple weeks of lessons, brought in a paper with notes on it, and finger numbers underneath, and told me about her composition.  I was so happy that she did that!  We talked about how songs are made, with an ABA format, and then I went to and we wrote it out on actual notation, making her account in Noteflight and VOILA!  We were able to print it out and make it professional looking.  Then we went back and took her musical masterpiece she created at home, and put it in a sheet protector, and I told her to keep that too, as a reminder of how easily she can compose, and to keep doing so.

Students always amaze me with their creativity.  I have seen other students use ingenious ways to write down what they either have heard, and want me to tell them what it is, or compositions such as this one.