Adults - How to Choose a Great Piano Teacher for Yourself

Often classical teachers don't teach jazz or vice-versa. Most universities don't offer both tracks for students in the same degree. Classical teachers often teach jazz, but not with improvising and lead sheets.  Find out what they are able to teach you, to meet YOUR goals.  In the Dallal Music Studio, we do all of it, because I was trained classically with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (affiliated with the University of Toronto, Canada), and then I joined the United States Air Force Band where I learned to play rock music by ear, and jazz with lead sheets, in addition to being one of the percussionists in the concert band.  It was trial by fire, but I succeed in being able to play anything.  Through time I played in other bands, and worked on my lead sheet and improvising and other goals I had as well.

If you are definite about your goals, you will be more apt to find the teacher that will help you get there. 

The other thing is, MAKE SURE you commit practice time for yourself.  No new skill (golfing, figure skating, gymnastics, etd.) is ever learned without practicing - we all know that.  You have to first figure out WHERE in your schedule you will fit in your practice time.  You HAVE to commit this time for YOURSELF, not anyone else.  AND you can't let busyness or others take you away from your commitment to yourself.

Once you have figured out these things, THEN it's time to call a piano teacher.