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I'm going to continue adding things I find interesting in my teaching, and things that I think are fun.  If there's anything you think I should add, please feel free to email me and make a suggestion!

When Should My Child Start Piano?

At What age should the child start piano, and what instrument? 



Here is a fantastic video that explains what to look for when purchasing a used piano.

Adults - How to Choose a Great Piano Teacher for Yourself

When deciding to pursue learning the piano, you need to first know what your goals are.  Do you want to be able to pick up tunes by ear?  Do you want to play lead sheets?  Do you want to be able to improvise?  Do you want to be able to play popular songs or jazz. Would you prefer to learn to read music and learn the famous Classical tunes?  All of the above? 

Behind the Scenes

Teaching involves A LOT of behind the scenes work.  To be fair, we need policies to help.

Music Composition

Composition is fun for both the student AND the teacher!

Why Have Students Play for Different Events?

Sometimes I get the feedback from parents - "We just want Johnny or Suzie to have fun, and not have to play for different events".  Do you have them go to swimming practice, week after week, without ever participating in a swim meet?  Do you have Johnny practicing baseball week after week without a game?

Choosing a Piano Teacher for your Child

Picture yourself interviewing an employee.  You have a company, and you want to hire someone.  What questions would you ask them?  Think of it the same way, when hiring a piano teacher.

Purchasing a piano or keyboard

Confused about the right type of keyboard or piano to purchase?  There are many options from which to choose so this informative post will help!

5 Type of Pianos

So many types, so much to consider. This in depth post will help you differentiate between the 5 types of pianos.