A top goal of The Dallal Music Studio is to create functional musicians. By learning music theory, music history, scales and ear training, and improvising, students learn more quickly and become better rounded musicians, and not to mention, have more fun and variety. You can keep playing piano throughout your life with a good musical basis.

  • We want our students to develop a long-term love for music.
  • We believe that everybody has musical talent. We want to help you develop it.

The curriculum is based upon the student. I use many methods to facilitate learning, including Piano Adventures, Well Prepared Pianist Institute, books that the student chooses, and the Royal Conservatory Music Curriculum. We also use lead sheets and jazz in the studio, and I use piano teams for the students to be able to play with each other.

I love it when the student can play songs they really love.

Music Theory & Ear Training

Basic Rudiments
Intermediate Rudiments
Advanced Rudiments
Beginning Harmony

For Theory Rudiments I use the Ultimate Music Theory method and Sound Advice Theory & Ear Training. I am an Ultimate Music Theory Certified Teacher.  Sound Advice is another me-thod that enables the student who wants to learn how to sight sing and how to write down music that they have heard.  All of this also supports the Royal Conservatory Music Program.


Improvisation’s next step is Composition.  We use Sibelius Software and Noteflight to help us write down the music. Then the student can take it home and continue working on it.

I have had numerous composition winners in the local Snohomish Music Teachers Association, and a couple of winners in the Young Composers Project, which is part of Washington State Music Teachers Association.