About Dallal Music Studio

We believe in QUALITY piano instruction that is engaging and fun for the student. Beginners need a good foundation in reading and in technique to help them to advance to the point where they can play whatever they want!  Also, some of their goals may include playing a favourite song they have on Youtube!   Maybe they want to play in the jazz band or in church!   I listen carefully to the goals a child or adult has, and then go through the steps to help them achieve those goals.

We love to teach anyone who wants to learn! EVERY person who comes into the studio is unique, so the lessons are tailored to YOU or YOUR CHILD, not to a program. I like students to practice consistently, and I have had students go from beginning to advanced in 3-4 years! I also love the creative process. Teaching a student to learn a song by ear then make their own arrangement out of it or teaching a student to compose is wonderful!

Our Mission for All Piano Students

The goal of the Dallal Music Studio is to have fun learning the piano while playing pieces we all love with excellence.  We do it in a way that develops long-term love of music and the musicality of the student. The other thing is I like students to learn as quickly as possible to keep them motivated.  We do a lot of things to facilitate learning and make it fun, including computer games that teach notes and ear training, group classes with rhythm cup games, jeopardy games, among other things.  I also have keyboards hooked up to computer software to help write the songs down that are in their head!

ALL people are musical – they just may not have tapped into it yet or developed the skills that make them realize that.  I have taught students to no longer be “tone deaf”. 

I love to create "Functional Musicians".  Students who can play while singing with their families, play in choirs at school or church, or play hymns or church songs in church.  I've also taught students to play keyboards in church.